R&D Innovation Program

In 2022, QUBIC Labs launched a research and innovation program to support the development of ideas and concepts around blockchain and Web3. After testing and business plan development, concepts are supported through QUBIC Ventures and the Growth Program of QUBIC Labs.

QUBIC Labs R&D Innovation Platform

The QUBIC Labs R&D Innovation Platform is building blockchain applications across industry-focused sectors.

These companies are developed, supported, and grown through a combination of public capital, private investment capital and in-kind contributions.

The R&D Platform is a first-of-a-kind public-private partnership in Massachusetts and in the United States

QUBIC Labs is growing a global blockchain innovation hub for Greater Boston, Massachusetts, and New England.

Program Offering

Program Offering
Program Offering


Program Partners

For more details on the program, please see our program overview.

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