QUBIC Labs and its partners periodically release articles on various aspects of blockchain and Web3 relative to our mission.

Crypto Cowboys: How Wyoming Became a hub for the Cryptocurrency Industry, and what it gained

In the heart of Wyoming, the least populated state in our union has found new life through an unexpected source: the cryptocurrency industry. Wyoming’s journey into the realm of blockchain and digital assets began with a bold legislative crusade…

Groma: Expanding Homeownership with Digital Assets

To many Americans, homeownership today seems increasingly unattainable, and that’s no different in Boston. Confronted with a housing market that’s as competitive as it is exclusive, the city’s residents—renters, homeowners, landlords, and investors alike—were ensnared in a complex web of economic and regulatory challenges…

Rekindling Spur: The Unseen Impact of Bitcoin Mining on Small Town America

In the heartland of America, the small, nearly forgotten town of Spur, Texas, with a modest population of 863, has become an unlikely beacon of transformation due to the burgeoning cryptocurrency mining industry…

Restoring Trust in the Digital Age with a Blockchain of Media Authenticity

In an age where seeing is no longer believing, the digital world finds itself at a crossroads. Deepfakes, sophisticated digital forgeries that blur the line between reality and fiction, have emerged as a formidable threat to the integrity of information we consume daily…

Starling Lab: Leveraging Blockchain to Preserve War Crime Evidence in Ukraine

Since the onset of the conflict in Ukraine, we have witnessed the unprecedented digitization of modern warfare, unfolding in real time. Amidst this backdrop, courageous humanitarians in Ukraine are on the front lines, risking their lives to meticulously document egregious war crimes…

The Speed of YAY: How Crypto is Transforming The Way We Pay

To demystify the evolution of financial transactions and the transformative role of blockchain, it’s essential to delve into the mechanics of traditional banking and payment systems before contrasting these with the innovative blockchain approach…

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