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We are actively seeking Founders to work with us. If you are currently pursuing a blockchain or Web3 concept, we can’t wait to learn more. We will also consider other emerging technology companies as applicants.

Please select the appropriate application type, fill in the fields, and submit your application. We will get back to you shortly.

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      Privacy Policy*

      About the application process

      Founders submit a general application to become a Member. Submitted applications will be assessed on certain criteria, primarily on ecosystem fit. If accepted through the application review process, Founders will go through two rounds of interviews with QUBIC Labs Executives and Advisors. At the end of this process, Founders will be notified of their place within QUBIC Labs. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at

      About our selection process

      All applications are reviewed online by QUBIC Labs Executives and Advisors. Founders will be notified if they do not make it through the application process. In the interview process, Founders will have the chance to share their background and pitch their concepts and businesses in-person or electronically.


      We accept applications from any Founders and early stage businesses developing companies around blockchain and Web3.

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